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10 Productivity Tips from MOMZJOY.COM Co-Founder Divya Gupta to Make the Most Out of Your Day

Most of the people are too busy with their daily schedule and find it really hard to spare time. But the question is: What are we busy about? and it’s a very valid question. You have to think whether your work is creating an impact or not, and it’s always necessary to follow certain productivity tips to maximize the work output. 

You can work on your productivity, or you can learn from people, who know how to improve efficiency at work. On such person is Divya Gupta, Co-founder of MOMZJOY.COM, a maternity & nursing wear brand with a mission to create comfortable and fashionable products for new and to-be moms. It’s a three-year-old high growth startup which serves more than 20,000 happy customers. The company is awarded Best Maternity Wear Brand in 2016 & 2017. Thus, Divya Gupta (who was among the ’50 most influential e-commerce specialist in India’) has lots of work to keep the growth graph in the upward trend. 

So, it was necessary to know the secret behind her efficient work, and we are happy to tell you that in an interaction with GoodVitae, she has shared ten productivity tips that can help you squeeze the most of your day and work.

So, here is the amazing interaction that can help you become more productive:

1. What is your daily morning routine?

“I start my day at 7 am with one hour of yoga session followed by 15 minutes of implementing tips from my favourite book ‘Magic’ by Rhonda Bryne, then I ideate on growth ideas for 30 minutes. This is the most fruitful time of my day.”

2. Can you share some important tips to manage time and improve productivity?

“According to me, time management is the most critical skill of an entrepreneur.

Here are some productivity tips to manage time:

a) Plan your year and month in advance. A weekly schedule is a must.

b) Visit your next day’s schedule a night before.

c) Don’t keep anything in your head-write down all your tasks to avoid forgetfulness.

d) Do not check emails first thing in the morning. Schedule time for emails.”

3. How do you prioritize your work?

“I prioritise delegation first so that others can fix their schedule accordingly. I then complete operations work. Second half I keep for activities that impact profit directly.”

4. What can a person do to overcome the addiction to social platforms and mobile?

“Delete apps from the phone or check at scheduled intervals only.”

5. Do you believe in daily motivation? Can you share some tips?

“I strongly believe daily motivation acts as a catalyst. You have to know what you want.

So here are some tips for daily motivation:

a) Write your goals on paper, and stick on the mirror/work table so that you read it at least twice a day.

b) I listen to motivational music that really helps me set the tone for the day.

c) Doing yoga, gym, or running definitely add to daily motivation and focus.”

6. Can you share a tip that you follow to feel refresh?

“I work out to feel refreshed and happy. If too tired for the workout, I listen to music with a cup of green tea.”

7. How do you handle days with the huge workload?

“By prioritising and adding a date to each task. It takes away the stress. Then its all about implementation.”

8. Can you share a small daily habit that can make a huge difference?

“Have gratitude for whatever you have, and you will achieve more. See positive in every situation.”

9. Do you think compromising sleeping can improve productivity?

“Mostly no. Good sleep keeps you refreshed and never ignore your body for anything; else sooner than later your body will ignore your needs.

Having said that, there can be days when you have to compromise sleep. So, Make sure you relax on any other day in that case.

Sleep early, and wake up as early as possible for best productivity results.”

10. What is your opinion on the habit of daily reading? Can you recommend a book?

Reading is important self-time for learning throughout. Daily reading is a great habit.

I recommend Magic by Rhonda Bryne and The 4- Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.”

If you like these tips to improve productivity, then make sure to share with your friends and family.


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