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8 Valuable Lessons for Young Professionals from Kreyon Systems CEO Apoorve Dubey

Beginning your professional life is like riding on a road with multiple breakaways; you have lots of opportunities, and you can choose or build your own path. It’s the time when you face failures or get into a tricky situation which doesn’t have textbook solutions. Apart from your professional knowledge, you must know valuable lessons which can help you handle real-life circumstances. 

Thus, in order to help young professionals, we framed eight questions and asked them to Mr Apoorve Dubey, Founder and CEO of Kreyon Systems Pvt. Ltd, a rapidly growing IT company that serves clients in more than ten countries. Mr Apoorve is an experienced entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author of the book ‘The Flight of Ambition’ published by Macmillan, co-author of ‘successful organizations in action’ and guest contributor on top publications like Entrepreneur, Lifehack, Addicted2Success etc. He has shared some amazing advice and valuable lessons, which can help many young people, who are about to begin their professional life. 

So here are eight valuable life lessons for young professionals:

1. What has life taught you that you have not learned in your academic learning?

The real world is a hard taskmaster. It teaches invaluable lessons until you retire from life. The following are some of my learnings:

a. Building Relationships

No one excels in isolation. You have to collaborate, network, and build strong relationships. Getting along with people, and especially those with divergent thinking opens up life-changing opportunities.

b. Training the Mind

In the age where machines think for us, it is imperative that we take care of our minds. A rich inner life can help one to focus and stay clear of all distractions. There is only one thing that separates you from the crowd; it is your inner voice.

c. Go with the flow
Trust your instincts and gut feeling. The most beautiful things in our life are beyond explanations. The reason and logic cannot explain everything. Go with the flow and do things that you love and cherish.

2. When did you face the first failure in professional life?

I remember this incident to date as it was one of those unforgettable moments, I was with Symantec at the time. I came back from office at 11.30 pm on a Friday night. As soon as I reached home; I received a call from our team in Mountain View, California. They were in a panic mode.

We were working on an integration issue for Verizon; it was a multi-million-dollar project with very high stakes. And there was a critical system failure. I was the one looking after things in India for this project at the time, so I rushed to the office immediately. By the time I got to the office, it was midnight. We started working to resolve the issue. But this was a very typical situation where we spent the day and night working to resolve the issue.

We hardly slept for an hour and worked rest of the time. We slogged for the next seven days. There were hundreds of emails, and phone calls every day. Ultimately, we figured out that this integration was not feasible. But our team had been able to develop an alternate solution for the client. Despite the failure and downtime; the client was very happy to see our dedication and sincerity. The problem was fixed. And we could sleep again.

3. Related to the above question, what did you learn from it?

Failures are opportunities to persevere, learn, and improve yourself. The difference between success and failure is often one attempt. When you fail, you have to try one more time with better preparation, and you can change things around. You don’t give up because you fail, but you fail because you give up.

I have learnt that sincerity and dedication can turn things around. When you persist even in the direst situation, you can still do your best and come out a winner. The turnaround is always possible for those to keep trying.

4. What is your definition of success?

Success is doing what gives you fulfilment, achieving your highest capabilities, and being able to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It is achieved when you push yourself to improve every day. You cannot rest on what you’ve done in the past. Success comes from giving your best and attaining things according to your true potential.

5. What one thing a person should not take for granted?

One should take nothing for granted. But if you ask me one specific thing to others. It’s time. Your time is the most valuable asset you have; utilize it where you will get the highest return. 

How you spend your time decides what impact your life will create. The greatest men are able to use their time in creating something that outlasts them and makes the world a better place.

6. Do you believe that positive thinking has helped you in life?

Drawing from my personal experiences, I certainly do. You can amaze yourself with what you can achieve when you back yourself, give your best and persist until the end.

Positive thinking allows you to focus on the right things. Struggles are part and parcel of life, how you deal with them develops your strength and character.

Be positive and believe in yourself. The problems that you face are opportunities for you to make a mark. When things go wrong, how you react and take control decides your fate. No matter what the situation, back yourself and you will make it.

7. How can a person stay motivated during tough times?

When there is nothing higher to be achieved, all energy is simply scattered in the ordinary and mundane pursuits. But when you’re driven by a higher purpose; you’re able to endure the hard times.

The most successful people are inspired by a higher purpose. They relentlessly work towards their goals and stay committed to finishing things they start. They do everything in their power to see their dreams come true.

When you think about quitting, go back to the reason why you started. It is not our abilities but persistence that leads us to our greatest achievements. Perseverance is the hallmark of achievers in any field.

8. If you have to share just one of the valuable lessons or advice, what will you share?

You have all the power you need to build the future that you wish.

People who work with full dedication, sincerity, and commitment derive immense pleasure from their work. When you put your heart and soul into things; it creates enormous energy that helps you achieve great things in life.

Aim for the highest you can attain and strive till you get there. Failure is a destination for those who give up, and success is a destination for those who keep trying.

If you like these positive lessons, then make sure to share with your friends and family.


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