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About Us

Goodvitae is an educational website with a mission is to spread life lessons and motivational articles to help people learn how to achieve their dreams and handle life.

Everyone desires to become successful and earn respect in society. We work hard to excel in academics so that we can become capable of turning your dreams into reality. But, we always ignore to learn lessons of life. Education system teaches us to master professional skills, but it never teaches to handle downside of life. In order to become successful, we must have to accept the fact that ‘Failures are inevitable’. Education is important but along with it, learning life lessons is also necessary. Also, it’s necessary to know how to handle success and various life situation which can’t be learned in any school or college.

That’s why we share life lessons from successful people, who have been through thick and thins of life. We share success tips and life lessons from entrepreneurs, public speakers, corporate leaders, and people from different backgrounds.

Here is the list of some people, who have shared their wisdom with our readers:

1. Manish Adavi, Head of Marketing & Public relations at Mahindra Special Service Group

2. Saamir Gupta, Founder of FITology

3. Gaurav Narang, City Greens Founder

4. TEDx speaker Anuradha Tiwari

5. A Surgeon turned entrepreneur Dr Ritesh Malik

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We are waiting for you to join us.