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10 Best Career Tips from Regional COO of a Multi-Million Dollar Company

What should I do to propel my career in the right direction? Many people face such questions and find it really hard to get the answer, as knowing right career tips and advice are really important while looking for a job or working with someone. Though your academic knowledge and experience can help you to progress to some extent; you must also know ways to handle a tricky situation which can’t be solved via theoretical solutions.

Thus, we asked Mr Himashu Shekhar, COO of Etika Group for Indochina to share some career tips which can help many people to shape their career. Mr Himanshu has lot’s of duties; as Etika Group (a subsidiary of Asahi breweries) is one of the leading beverage companies of Malaysia with a net turnover of USD300+ million dollars for ASEAN. Thus, Mr Himanshu knows what it takes to excel in the career, and tips that can help anyone to become the best at their job.

So, here are 10 Career tips from Mr Himanshu Shekhar, COO of Etika Group for Indochina:

1. What must a fresher take into consideration before applying for a job in any company?

A fresher should understand his or her inherent strength, liking/passion, and long-term objective before applying for a job. Usually, a big company backed by a good financial offer is the key criteria, and that’s where we make a mistake. Instead of looking at what the company is offering, we should first ask ourselves where do we want to go? And is the current offer meeting that objective?

2. After Joining the first job, what a person must ensure to make the right impression?

It depends on a host of factors like,
1) The culture of the company—Japanese, American, or a domestic company with a local mindset?
2) The requirement of Job –productivity, efficiency, or just a time bound job?
3) The expectation from a manager (depends on his style).
In short, it’s a combination of factors where a person has to understand the expectation of management, the requirement from the job, style of manager, and culture of the company.

3. What should a person never ever do while working under someone?

In the Indian context (largely valid everywhere), never be a threat to your supervisor either in terms of skill set, network, or work output. Don’t bypass your immediate manager even if you have powerful connections. Be more focused on process than outcome. The right process should lead to the right outcome.

4. What should a person learn apart from academic knowledge for excellence in career?

We Indians are poor at soft skills. It makes a huge impact if a person is looking for a career at a global level. Mastery of different languages is another advantage; as it helps you to build a network, and sensitize cultural aspects. Global Political and economic issues continuously shape our lives; so better to keep abreast of them.

5. How should a person handle/tackle office politics?

Politics is a zero-sum game in my view. It helps initially but harms later. In today’s world, everyone is smart and well-connected. Hence better to stay neutral or stay away. If required make a generic statement only without naming anyone. Keep it confined to corridor discussion, and better to stay focused on work and stay professional. If attacked politically, stay cool and calm, and let your work speak for you. In short, keep working hard, and it will speak for you (though it takes time and thus requires patience).

6. Which one is better, working hard to build a strong resume or doing what you love?

I think both are the same. You can work hard for long only when you love it and have a passion for it. Else it will fizzle out soon. Having a passion for anything we do is a must have to keep the fire on both –1) growth and 2) innovation perspective.

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7. Can you share any tip to handle huge workload and stress?

The workload is at every level of a hierarchy. Key is,

1) Managing your time efficiently

2) Do not to carry work at home –maintain work-life balance

3) Stay healthy hence have some physical activity to maintain mind-body balance

4) A healthy lifestyle –good food as well as a healthy daily routine.  All four should go hand in hand else stress will come in. The family is as important or maybe even more than work. we should never neglect that.

8. How can a person balance his career and personal life?

Give your best in office hours and leave the rest to chance. Don’t carry stress or work at home. Somewhere we have to accept self-limitations of our merit and leave the rest to destiny. Spend energy on Hard work and be process oriented instead of focussing on outcome/end result.

9. Can you share some tips to become an effective team leader?

Here are some tips:

1. Understanding individual sensitivities

2) Spend time learning about individual priorities, cultural differences if any in the team, personal agendas, and finally lay the groundwork for aligning everyone to organisational objective and hence have one common goal. Remember to leverage an individual’s strength and allocate work accordingly.

10. At last, can you recommend a book which everyone must read?

I would recommend an “ON JOB” experience more than reading a book as an experience is handy, long lasting and impression bound.

If you like these career tips, then make sure to share it with your friends and family.


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