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How To Become A Self-Motivator

Everyone wants to become successful, and many people work hard for it. But, the road to success is not straight. There come times when nothing works, and we lose confidence in our thinking and decision. We think what we are doing is worthless, and this pushes us to quit.

In tough times like this, we look for a mentor who can motivate and provide us with an instant solution. But many people are not that much fortunate to have a mentor. It is also necessary to keep calm and not freak out during such situations.

Thus, you must have someone close to motivating you. That person is right inside you because no one knows more about your emotions and feelings than you yourself. You just have to keep faith in yourself. Also, the best motivator in the world can’t help you if you don’t have that internal motivation. Therefore, self-motivation plays an important role in achieving the goals.

Self-motivation requires you to change:

1) Thinking process

2) Habits

Before telling you how to change your thinking process and habits, let’s understand why the shift in them is necessary.

Every decision of yours is affected by these two, and your decision makes your future. Especially, when you have to take a quick decision. Thinking process and habits are like two-edged swords; if not used properly, they might harm you. The thinking has a direct effect on your decision, and habits have indirect effects. Continuous thoughts run through your mind, and they never stop and affects your decisions. For example, if someone has a negative thinking process, and is going through a tough phase, then due to his negative thinking process; he will get continuous thoughts of quitting.

Also, habit plays a major role during this time. If a person is has a habit of procrastination, then he/she will spend less time finding the solution to solve the problem.

First, you have to change your thinking and then the habits. If you have positive thinking cycle and good habits, they will help you to motivate yourself because during tough times you will get continuous good thoughts such as ‘I can do this’, ‘I am not going to quit’. Though it takes time, you have to keep patience for good.

1. How to change your thinking 

Understand your thoughts and mind as the third person in the different situation and see how they react and don’t get carried away with them. Negative emotions such as anger and jealousy are creations of your mind.

Setting goals and visualising them every day. Write your life goals, and read them once in a while. Visualise your goals every day for 15 minutes. Imagine that you have achieved your goal, and living your dream life. It makes you feel better.

There is no other way. Whenever you set goals your subconscious mind gives you a reason to quit it. So when you get thoughts of quitting, just tell yourself ‘There is no other way and I have to achieve my goal’. If you do this again and again; your subconscious mind gives up, and works to achieve your goal.

Avoiding negative conversation. Whenever you are in conversation with someone just make it positive and avoid negative talking. If the person you are talking about is initiating negative talk then tell him not to do it. If he doesn’t listen to you avoid talking to him.

2. Habits that help self-motivation

Here are some habits that help you in self-improvement.

a) Waking up early. Most of the successful people wake up early in the morning. Waking up early helps you to increase your productivity. You can do exercise early in the morning, which will freshen up your mind and help you to think positive.

b) Eating healthy. Our eating habits directly affect our thinking process. Scientifically it has been proven that eating healthy food produces good hormones and makes you feel good

c) Spend some alone time in a day. It helps you in connecting with your soul.


In the end, you can motivate yourself with positive thinking and good habits. But you must love and trust yourself, because if you don’t, then you can’t expect anyone else to do that. The best expert that can motivate and guide you is right inside you.


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