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Key to success in life from the founder of ₹6 billion worth company

“You can’t find success with this business plan”, was the common feedback PC Musthafa and his cousins used to get when they started IDFreshFood. But, they never paid any heat to such people and worked hard in making their company one of the most admired fresh food brands. From making 10 packets of one-kilogram idli batter every day, PC Musthafa along with his four cousins has transformed their 550 Sq. ft kitchen into fresh food manufacturing company with a market valuation of ₹6 billion. Over the course of PC Musthafa’s entrepreneurial journey, he proved many people wrong, achieve unimaginable success, and gain the trust of thousands of customers. Thus, it was necessary to know the key to success in life from the man himself, who overcome all the odds and built an amazing fresh food brand. 

Here are 10 keys to success in life from PC Musthafa, which can help you in bringing a good change in your life:

1. Work hard

“I believe that hard work, staying true to oneself, and staying focused are the keys to success in life.”

Let’s be honest, there is no alternative to hard work, and you can’t surpass it; as it is the only way to find permanent success in life.

2. Plan your day

“It’s important to plan the day in advance to mitigate unproductivity. I start my morning with prayers and ensure I do so five times a day, which keeps me energized and refreshed. In spite of a crazy professional schedule; I make it a point to spend time with my family. But that is always a challenge. It is a magical balance.”

Planning can make a huge change in your life. You must set time for each and every work of your day because our body and mind don’t like restriction, which can make us unproductive. But, planning gives a direction to our mind and maximizes your efficiency.

3. Embrace failures in life

“Nobody is perfect. It’s absolutely OK to make mistakes. Failures are part and parcel of life. We are now able to take ‘right decisions’ with our experience, which is gained by making ‘wrong decisions’.”

Fear of failures is ruining most people lives. As studies have shown that fear of failures restricts a person learning ability and personal development. Thus, instead of lingering in comfort zone, face failures, learn from them and become a better person.

4. Ignore naysayers and have self-belief 

“When we started selling idli batter, everyone laughed at us. They felt that this idea will lead to a dead end and it’s a very low-level business proposition. Also, I was from a technology academic background and my cousins were running a small daily needs store. But we ignored those comments. We made sure to solve this problem and make it profitable. Rest is history.”

You can’t please everyone; there will always be someone who will not agree with you. So, it’s always better to have faith in yourself and do what pleases you.

5. Set and complete daily tasks

“I always make sure to set and complete daily tasks and use a proper tracker for the same and delegate work.”

In order to become successful, you must set a time-constrained goal; then you must break it into daily tasks. It’s a common habit of many successful people.

6. Find clarity in your life

“Try answering these questions to get the clarity in your life:

a. Who are you?

b. What is the purpose of life?

c. How will you achieve it?

d. What will make you happy on your deathbed?”

Successful people spend a lot of time knowing their purpose and finding clarity, instead of working only for money. 

7. Say ‘NO’ to become successful 

“I am very focused and have the courage to say No.”

Steve Jobs was known for saying a famous ‘No’ sayer. He believed that in order to become successful, you really have to do one thing at a time, and say no to everything else which was not related. 

 8. Have a laser-sharp focus 

“You cannot do everything in the world. If you are focused on one area, you can master it. That is what we did.”

You can’t achieve anything if you change your goals and track every now and then. You have to have a laser-sharp focus on the single goal, and you must work hard till you achieve that goal. 

9. Don’t miss opportunities

“I would like to share a quote from my new book, ‘There is a law called the law of opportunities. Again, like gravity, this law acts on you even if you don’t believe in it. The law simply states that something seems like an option until it leaves you and all of a sudden you realise that you lost an opportunity’.”

If you have the right attitude, you will find opportunities even in the problems that you are facing.

10. Read books

“I recommend reading ‘connecting dots’. Also, I like reading spiritual books.”

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