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Life Advice from Grapes Digital Co-Founder Shradha Agarwal Can Bring a Positive Change in Your Life

Digital marketing is very competitive, but there are certain people, who through their creativity and hard work are dominating this rapidly growing medium. One such person is Shradha Agarwal, who through her agency Grapes Digital is creating the finest craft for some of the biggest brands in the country.

In just three years, her agency has bagged 32 awards, grown to a strong family of 100 employees, and served big companies like Google. And now, she is aiming to collaborate with Fortune 100 companies. But during this whole journey, she faced many challenges and learned some important life lessons. Thus, it’s very important to learn some amazing life advice from a person who has faced tough times and emerged as a winner.

Here are some amazing pieces of life advice from Grapes Digital Co-Founder Shradha Agarwal to bring a positive change in your life:

1. How can a person overcome distraction and improve focus?

“Like I always say, “never look at the journey, always watch the end product”. If you are able to achieve what you are planning, then it doesn’t matter whether you get up at 4 am or get bruised, have fights, and do not sleep for hours. You need to dig deep down inside and find what you really want in life. Distractions can only disappear, and focus can only improve if you realize your passion and goal. It has to be something you desperately want to achieve. Your energy will be utilized to achieve the end goal, and you won’t need anyone to remind you to stay focused.”

2. How can a person prepare for failures and worst-case scenarios in life?

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. Similarly, all ups and downs are just gameplay, and I believe it is all about your state of mind. If you take it too seriously; it will impact you seriously, if you don’t it will not. Look at things from birds eye point of view, analyse, and then see how should you take your next step. Every failure just makes you learn.”

3. Can you share a tip or habit to improve productivity?

“Staying physically fit is the best way to improve productivity. Be its outdoor sports, gym, meditation, yoga, aerobics, or walking. Do whatever you’re comfortable with but do something. When you have a healthy body; your mind works faster, and concentration gets better. I am trying to do this but my success rate for ending up doing any physical activity even once or twice a week is 10%.

So one tip I generally believe that improves productivity is ‘To Do List’, grooming your teammates who can take your seat, taking breaks to plan future, and planning a big idea.”

4. Which habit can aggravate life problems?

“Giving too much importance to others. Don’t let anyone get to you. It’s your life, your goals, your dreams, and nobody has the right to mess with it.”

5. How can a person balance his or her work and life?

“When you have goals, work-life balance seems the most difficult job to do. Work life balance is only on papers. But I make sure to give my 100% to whatever I am doing. At home I give undivided attention to family, and when at work; the rules stay the same.”

6. Can you share ways to live a successful and better life?

“My team and clients have always asked me the source of my motivation, and one thing that strikes my head is my goal. As business professionals, we are no different than sports stars who get up before the sun rises, walks the same path, again and again, falls 100 times before taking that shot perfectly and smiles with a lot of pride on any achievement. All this is only possible when you know your finish line and your goal.”

7. Which is one of the most important life advice that everyone needs to know?

“We all watch Bollywood movies for entertainment but honestly if you notice, they teach you the biggest lessons in life. So being a little filmy here I would like to quote that “Kamayabi ke peeche mat bhagoo, Kabil Bano Kabil, Kamayabi khud chumti hui aayegi” That’s true as you grow in life, and as your salaries increases, the number of jobs available in the market decreases. Getting a salary up to 100-200K is easy, but going beyond that is difficult, in that case, you need to be experienced.”

8. Which financial tip a person should follow in his life?

“A dream to conquer the world, and buying anything you want is all good, but you should set a budget for everything you want to own. Every financial expenditure, be it of necessity or luxury, is acceptable as long as you don’t have to ask someone else for it.”

9. Can you share some ways to overcome the fear of public speaking?

“Know what you are speaking. As long as you don’t have to mug it up or read it from somewhere; you won’t have the fear of public speaking. Look at our Prime Minister or other political leaders. Look at social activist or an entrepreneur. These are guys, who know there subject very well and are passionate about it. Once you develop the passion; the fear is all gone.”

10. How should one plan to achieve life goals?

“Establish your goals first, and write them down so that they’re always in your mind. Divide them into 3 parts – Personal, Career, and Professional.

1. Personal goals can be products you want to purchase, or health stuff etc.
2. Career goals are qualitative things you want to achieve reputation, awards etc.
2. Professional goals are a designation, and salary band you want to achieve.

Once you have divided into these three parts and put realistic timelines to them, you will achieve many things in life.”

These are some of the best advice that you will get. If you like them, then make sure to share it with your friends and family.


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