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Learn How To Motivate Yourself To Study With 6 Easy Steps

You must have been through times when you look at a book, but you don’t feel like studying, or you want to study at a particular time, but you end up doing it two-four hours later. This causes frustration and can get you into the self-criticizing mode. This can hamper your studies and may result in low grades. But don’t worry; you are not alone. Many students face this problem, and anyone can overcome it. So, if you want to learn how to motivate yourself to study, then check out these amazing and easy tips.

1. Don’t let your mind go on a vacation

This is one of the best self-motivation strategies for studies. We all have a mind, and it likes holidays. It likes to roam in different thoughts and doesn’t like bonds of goals and plan. So, whenever we think of studying, it has to execute it. Thus, to avoid the work, our mind generates various thoughts.

For example, you want to study right now. So, a signal will go to the mind to stay focused on studies. But it doesn’t like all these focus things. Thus, you get various thoughts like “I will rest for some time before studying”, “I have ample amount of time etc.” and these thoughts are convincing and logical to make you give up.

Now the solution, when you study and get thoughts of doing something else, just say this to yourself, ‘I am not giving up! Instead,  focus on improving my studies.’ So ignore the wild thoughts, and say it again and again. In the end, your mind will give up and will find ways to improve your studies. Your mind gives up so you can finish your goal, and it can again roam in different thoughts. At last remember, tame your mind, and your focus will improve.

 2. Set a goal and ask yourself an important question

Lack of motivation creates procrastination and laziness. Thus, to counter it you can use this easy step.

a.  First remember your goal, for example, ‘I want admission to a particular college.’

b. Next, just remind yourself how many people have the same goal, like there may be 10000 people who want admission in that same college.

c. Now, ask yourself, “What am I doing different, or am I working hard to be number one among these 10000 people? What am I doing to deserve that goal? etc.”

This will make you push your limit. If you follow it on a regular basis, then you can definitely motivate yourself to study and see positive change.

3. Follow this ritual when you feel down because of failures in exams or studies

No matter how hard you try, but sometimes due to overwhelming circumstances like consistent low grades, failures, bad exam etc. you feel disappointed. In such a situation, you may give up. But you can keep yourself motivated if you follow this small ritual:

a. Tap our middle and index finger on the chest and say, “I will be a (your goal) no matter what”.

b. Then remind yourself of your favourite uplifting quote that boosts your morale.


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4. Use this helpful app for study motivation

This may seem ironical because many times the alarm calls from your social media accounts makes you quickly grab your phone. This slowly turns into a habit, and it completely ruins your study time. But you can use a modern application for improving your focus. There are many apps, but one of them is can surely improve your motivation. The name of the application is Forest. It’s a very good app which can help you study for a longer time. You just have to start this app whenever you want to focus on studies. The app plants a tree and will kill it if you touch the phone before the stipulated time. It then builds a forest which shows you the amount of your focus time. This app also shows your everyday achievement. Thus it can motivate to focus on studies for a longer period of time.

5. Motivate yourself to study with a two-minute hack

Procrastination is one of the main reasons behind the difficulty in reading a book, writing a journal, and motivating yourself to study for exams. The two-minute hack can help you in countering it. Before telling you the trick, let’s understand the working of the mind. We all have a reptilian mind or lizard brain which is the oldest part of our brain. It makes us crave for instant gratification and wants fast results from everything we do, and this creates problems. The Reptilian mind causes procrastination when we start reading, writing, or something which takes time. This causes many people to quit studying because thorough knowledge takes time and this part of mind needs quick results.

Thus to counter it you have to follow a two-minute hack. When you find yourself procrastinating, just don’t think about the complete work. For example, if you want to read a 30 pages chapter, just focus on the first two-minute task. After you figure about first two-minute, just execute it. After two-minute, if you don’t feel like doing more, then you are free to quit without any guilt. But, most of the time you end up completing the task.

6. Five seconds rule  to get motivated to study

Use five seconds rule to trick your mind. It’s a very easy step, you just have to take action in five seconds once a thought comes to your mind. For example, if you think of writing your assignment, start doing it in five seconds or your brain will kill the idea. You just have to act fast because if you lay back and start thinking, you will do nothing. When you physically move, your brain starts building new positive habits.

Remember, you have the power to bring drastic changes, and anyone can achieve top grades. You just have to have mind control, self-motivation, and dedication.

So, do you like these 6 steps? Which one will you follow first? Will you try the amazing five seconds rule or two-minute hack? Comment below and share your views. But remember, you have to be patient and keep reiterating them to see the results.


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