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Secret to success in life from the director of a multi-million dollar company

The person who faces the worst scenarios; still overcome them without giving up knows the real value and secret to success in life. One such extraordinary person is Nishant Khade. From getting quadriplegic to leading a multinational engineering firm with 1500 employees, and from losing faith in life to bringing a positive change in lives of specially-abled people, he proved that anything is possible if you have faith in yourself.

So, here is the secret to success in life from Nishant Khade, a person with extraordinary character and will:

1. Work Hard and luck will follow you

Luck does play an important role in charting your success story. However, you cannot sit back expecting lady luck to bless you. You have to woo her by working hard towards your goal. I want to quote Serena Williams, the greatest tennis player of the current generation. When she was asked if luck plays a role in winning matches, she said, “Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.” So, I would say work hard, work passionately, and luck will favour you automatically.

2. Have discipline and empathy in life

I think discipline has become a rare commodity today. Take, for example, the list of new resolutions that we make every year. How many of us manage to accomplish them? Very few! Discipline is crucial to reach your personal and professional goals. You may set goals, plan the path to complete them, but if you are not disciplined, you will fail to achieve it. Another habit that has become rare is empathy. During my beyond barrier tour, I travelled to 44 cities in India and realised that most people lack compassion when it comes to helping others in need. People are so busy in their own world that they do not find enough time to wait and extend a helping hand to others.

3. Success is a never-ending journey. Don’t consider it as a destination

When an accident in 2001 left me wheelchair-bound for life, even a daily task such as wearing a shirt seemed like a daunting for me. Today, I live independently, and I travelled across 28 states and 44 cities within India with three of my wheelchair-bound friends. I define this journey as a success. Contrary to what others think, success for me is not a destination; it is a never-ending journey. You are successful when you reach the milestones that you have defined through the course of your journey called life.

4. Have hobbies and good friends to manage stress

Listening to music, and talking to people helps me to manage stress in life. Having a good support system of friends and family is essential. I also recommend picking up a hobby and nurturing it, so you can fall back upon it whenever you are stressed and want to unwind.

5. Failure is the secret to success in life

Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. So, we have to accept them both with an open arm. Failure teaches you to be strong and value success. It also teaches you that everything is temporary and prepares you to be levelheaded in every situation.
I was a happy, outgoing 23-year old, when an accident left me, a quadriplegic, and would not call it a failure, but my movement got restricted, and my dreams were shattered. But when I meet Mr Shivjeet Singh Raghaw, a peer counsellor, at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC), New Delhi; I realised that there is life after a spine injury, and I accepted the challenge and rebuilt my life. The accident introduced me to another side of my personality, and I have only emerged as a stronger individual. For all those who are disheartened by failure, don’t feel down because life will give you multiple chances to succeed, keep working for your goal.

6. Don’t think that money can only make you successful

Money is essential, but it is not the only criteria for measuring success. Success can be anything. For me, leading a normal life despite restricted movements is a measure of success. For a mother, seeing her child performing well in school is a success. Everyone has a different benchmark for success. Money should be a measure of success for businesses and countries, not for people.

7. Don’t linger in comfort zone

Since the time I met with an accident, I have never been in a comfort zone. However, I am blessed to have my friend, my brother, my soul, my mentor, my light during my hard times – Arvind Prabhoo. He has always been there by my side, during my good and bad days. He has lifted my spirits, cheered me up, and he is my guiding light when I am lost.

Every day teaches me a new lesson. From managing 1500 labourers at DAS offshore to helping to build an accessible infrastructure and transportation for differently abled citizens, I love the challenges that come my way. I believe, comfort zones make you complacent. You must always challenge yourself and look for new opportunities in life. It helps you to discover yourself and keeps you agile by mind and body.

8. Have a mentor in your life

You can achieve a lot with willpower and hard work. However, you do require a support system, and a mentor to guide you in your endeavour. Can you imagine Apple without Steve Wozniak? Absolutely not! Apple would have been incomplete without him. In my case, I used my willpower to overcome the hurdles in life. However, I always count my blessings for having fantastic family members who have supported me at every stage of my life. I believe, if you want to achieve something in life, you need to collaborate with people so you can brainstorm, confide your fear, and exchange ideas with them. After all, we are social animals, and we have to co-exist with people harmoniously to achieve our goals.

9. Excel in managing time

Managing your time efficiently is not a rocket science, it’s pretty simple. Here are a few things that I recommend people to do in order to manage their time effectively:

a) Plan your day well in advance, so you can give quality time to all your commitments.
b) Prioritize your commitments smartly. The most important ones should be completed first, and the least important ones should be kept for the latter half of the day. If there is something that can be delegated, do it right away.

We have 24 hours in our hand, a little bit of planning will help you use those 24 hours to its optimum capability.



  1. Ratnakar September 4, 2018

    Yes, we know Sir you are very strong from Brain and Managing most of critical things in micro plan levels . Hats off to your Success . Actually you are a motivater for Society . Best of Luck n wishes. Thanks

  2. Sandhya Ahuja- September 5, 2018

    Yes ,very true thaughts. If we accept n follow these ten tips in life ,no need of other preachings . We surely will achieve our goals. Hats off to your success Nishant. Best of luck n more n more success in life ahead. God bless you


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