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5 Effective Time Management Tips for Beginners

You must have heard various quotes saying that time is precious, it never comes back, and a number of other things about the importance of time. You must have also seen people wasting time, and even done it yourself. Also, there are times when we are so busy with work that we forget to do other necessary things like eating on time or exercising. This shows the lack of balance we have in our lives and why time management is necessary.

Being an army kid, one thing I was always taught to do was to manage my time. It has been deeply ingrained in me. Time management is one important thing that will not only help you save time but to utilize it properly so as to create a balance between work and life.

Thus, I would like to share my five most effective time management tips for beginners.

1. Make a schedule and set goals

I would say that making a schedule is one of the best things you can do to manage time. You will be able to allocate enough time to everything. A schedule will also push you to complete tasks by time, before moving on to the other one.

Also, goals have been an important part of my life, and I believe that with a set goal and some willpower, you can move ahead faster. Goals will give you an extra edge and make you competitive. Thus, I think making a schedule and setting goals will serve as your first steps in mastering time management.

2. Learn to prioritize

There will be times when you have to manage multiple things at the same time. In such cases, it’s important to prioritize to ensure that the works get done without any hassles. Here’s what I do. I prioritize the tasks that are time-bound or extremely urgent over the ones that can be done at a later stage. For example, if you are chasing a deadline and there is another task that is equally important, analyze which one is more urgent and finish that first. This way you will be able to complete all your tasks efficiently and bring a balance to your life.

3. Cut out unproductive functions and distractions

Phone calls, messages, and social media sometimes become a distraction while working. Also, these things can be a disturbance if you are having some ‘me time’ or are on vacation.

I am aware that it is not possible to completely rule out these things and always avoid them. So what I mean by cutting out is to reduce the time you spend unnecessarily scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook. There are some functions, which do not add anything to your day; rather they take away your time. If you gradually begin to take account of such activities, you can easily manage your time in a more productive way. Also, one great way to increase the available time is to wake up early.

4. Give yourself some break- reward yourself!

Breaks and rewards play an integral role to balance out your work and life. This is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when planning out your schedule to manage time. It is important to break the monotony and to refresh you. Time management does not mean that you have to keep working for long hours at a stretch or keep taking up one task after another. Efficient time management and little rewards from time to time not only rejuvenate you, but they also increase your productivity.

5. Review!

Along with performing daily tasks to balance work and life, creating schedules, and rewarding yourself, it is also necessary to evaluate yourself.

Keeping track of what went smoothly and what created trouble, can help you in improving yourself; as there is always a room for improvement. Also, it will also become a great motivator for the upcoming days. And, always remember to be honest about everything but don’t be harsh upon yourself.

Utilize your time well and be focused. Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind when you begin with time management to balance out your work and life in the best possible way!

Happy Planning!


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