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TEDx Speaker and Entrepreneur Anuradha Tiwari Shares Her Success Mantra

Anuradha Tiwari has earned many feathers in her cap as she is one of the finest freelance content writers in India, one of the ten most-talked TEDx speakers of 2015, and a successful entrepreneur. She has done her graduation in mechanical engineering and started her success journey with ‘Sell Your Talent’,  a platform where people sell their creation and talent. Later, she started her own coaching academy and helped three out of nine students to crack JEE examination in six months. Currently, she is heading JustBurstOut, a digital branding and marketing agency. She is an entrepreneur with versatile experience and in interaction with GoodVitae, she has shared her success mantra during a question-answer session.

1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

“I always loved freedom and flexibility in time. I never wanted to work for the salary and to defined by a designation in an organization and this is not possible in a job. Also, I always wanted to create jobs, and it feels good that I have a small team now. It’s a win-win situation for me.”

Entrepreneurship gives you time flexibility and freedom to utilize your true potential. It is also necessary to have a goal-oriented mindset and self-discipline because sometimes time-flexibility leads to procrastination and it may hamper your progress.

2. Success mantra for handling failures: How did you overcome initial struggles?

“I had none other option. I never wanted to go back to the job, and I was out of money, so had nothing to lose and everything to win.”

This is very important. You must focus on one goal and give everything you got because if you change your goals every now and again because of failures, problems, or tough situations then you can’t achieve anything significant.

3. Success mantra of Life: What important lessons you have learned and you think everyone must learn them as early as possible?

“First, you should give at least six months to whatever you start. I used to be very impatient earlier and used to quite easily. But you should give at least six months window whether it’s a new job or startup or freelancing. Second, don’t be scared of failure, you will learn some of the most impactful life lessons from your failure only.”

It’s a very valuable life learning. We always crave for instant gratification and this can lead to disappointment and frustration. No matter how hard you have worked, something’s just take time. Show patience when you are looking for success. Also, failures are important because they can teach you lessons which you can’t learn from success. David Beckham the legendary football player endorses the process of learning from failures. Everybody knows him as a free kick specialist, but this is what his mother once said about him, “When he was a child he used to train with his father at the park. He must have taken over 50,000 free kicks to master the art. “

4. Do you think a person should spend more time with people having the same goal?

“Not necessarily same goals but yes, you should spend time with people who at least have goals. They are always motivated and keep you motivated too.”

This is a very important mantra for success in everything. You must spend time with people having definite goals in life because you are the average of the five people with whom you spend most of the time. So if you want to feel positive and stay motivated then you must have motivated and goal oriented people around you.

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5. How should one dare to do something different when there is no one to support?

“I don’t think you need any support to do something different. Following your passion is itself a stress, avoid doubling it up by making people understand your journey. Don’t explain, just do your work- they will stay if they have faith in you else there is no point of such people in your life.”

You must follow this success mantra when you want to achieve a goal. Many people will share different opinions about your goals and this can affect your motivation. So talk less and let your work make the noise.

6. Which mistakes should a person not commit while following his/her passion?

“Trying to be too cautious, Working for money, and Following success stories.”

Too much caution may make you lie in a comfort zone and will hamper your development. Working only for money is not good for long-term gains because it degrades the quality of work. Also, getting motivated due to a success story is also not good, as it does not last long.

7. What productive habits have helped you a lot in life?

“Waking up early, less coffee and more green tea, following my to-do list without getting distracted by new-emails have helped me immensely.”

Starting your day with a good habit can help you keep good mental and physical state throughout the rest of the day.

8. Do you believe in positive self-talk? If yes, then how one should turn it into a habit?

“I think self-talk has played a great role in my life. Every time I am stressed about something, I visit any nearby cafe or park with a cup of coffee for 2-3 hours. I love the fact how it combines my conscious thoughts with my unconscious beliefs and biases. This result in clarity of thoughts.”

This is a success mantra followed by many people because failures and tough phases are inevitable. Positive self-talk cycle can keep you going instead of giving up. Also, taking a break from your work and relaxing can freshen up your mind.

9. Do you believe hard work beats talent?

“Yes, every time. Talent can be built and grown with hard work. Talents may make your success easier but its pure hard work which takes the lead.”

Most of the successful people were not the smartest or highly-talented but what separated them from others is the will to do hard work.

10. Do you like reading? If yes, then can you recommend any book?

“Yes, I love reading and read 2-3 books in a month. My favourite books are:

1. Last lecture – Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow

2. Mossad – Michael Bar-Zohar

3. When breath becomes air – Paul Kalanithi.”

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