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Nine Important Life Learning from FITology Founder Saamir Gupta

Saamir Gupta is a multi-skilled person with a great deal of experience in managing a successful business. Saamir is the founder of FITology, with an aim to push people towards a healthier lifestyle by engaging them in alternate reality games. An ex-strategy consultant, he has advised the world’s largest oil, chemicals and electricity companies on growth, cost reduction and operations optimization. Thus, He has acquired important life learning throughout his exciting life and he has shared them with us via a question-answer session. 

1. How did you find your passion?

“I believe passion always resides within oneself. One loses the sense of his/her passion because of all these worldly distractions, expectations, norms and cultures. I could bring my passion out by silencing all the outside noises and voices and reconnecting with myself.”

An important lesson that life tries to teach you is to know yourself. It will help in solving most of your life questions like finding your passion. Thus, try to connect with yourself and ask, “what is that I think most about?” and you can move closer towards your true passion.

2. Who inspired you to become something in life?

“I don’t think it is one person, but an amalgamation of experiences, events and interactions have led me to where I am today.”

Sometimes you need none person to inspire you. Some events or experience can inspire you to find a life goal. You have to remain open-minded and accept every moment of your life.

3. What is your definition of success?

“Success is quite subjective. For me, success is the feeling of contentment with your life.”

One of the valuable life lessons is to find contentment in your success. If you are not happy with what you possess and your definition of success changes with time then you will never find peace in your life. 

4. Which important life learning is not taught in any school or college?

“It is not just about the subjects we learn in school, but the overall construct of the school–the society and environment that teaches us a lot of important life learning. There is a lot more to learn about life and oneself beyond the subjects taught in school, but schools give that opportunity, in the form of the framework, extra-curricular, societal interactions.”

5. How one can stand apart from the rest of the crowd?

“By being yourself. No one can be better at being you than you.”

Many people make a mistake of impersonating someone else. This also sometimes makes them inculcate their flaws. So, you have to be yourself as this can make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

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6. How do you handle failures? How do you respond when nothing is working in your way?

“Success or failure, I always tell myself ‘This too shall pass’.”

This is very important, you should accept both success and failures of your life. When you succeed you must study the reason behind it to repeat it and when you fail then also you should do the same to not repeat it. 

7. How do you counter bad habits like procrastination?

“Interventions by friends and family help—if I am doing something wrong, I look up to and rely on my loved ones for careful guidance.”

No one is perfect in this world and we all have bad habits. Sometimes, it’s necessary to talk to your family members and friends about your bad habits and flaws. This can help you in becoming a better person and also in strengthening your relationship.

8. How should one deal with people who make mistakes?

“By letting it go…”

You will face this situation many times in your life. So, it’s necessary to show tolerance towards mistakes and failures especially when others do it. When you give people space to do mistakes and assist them in finding a solution, then you speed up your success rate. This incident teaches you some important lessons as Matthew Syed has rightly said, “The key to success is to learn from your mistakes and investigate failures.”

9. At last, which important business lesson or advice would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs?

“It is ok to do what you want to do. However big or small that may be. If it gives you true happiness that is all that matters!”

We spend most of our day at work, so it’s necessary to love your job and if you don’t then you are wasting away a lot of hours of your life. But it is also necessary to do things the right way with a proper plan because you don’t want to turn your passion into a mistake or liability.



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